How to Generate a Returns Label

First of all, go to


You will see this, enter the Primo Sacchi reference number for your order. Then scroll down

Next, enter your email address and your name, type your postcode in the bottom box and a list of addresses will show.

Choose your address from the list, if it is not there delelete your postcode from the box and click on the words “Enter Manually” and enter your address

Click the box that below has the tick and is red, it is white until you tick it, then click create my label button.


Royal Mail will now send you an email with the QR code, and the label as a pdf attachment, I will show this at the end.

From here you can either print the postage label off if you have a printer, if not you can take the email that Royal Mail sent on a smart phone or tablet to any Post Office and they will print the label for you to attach.

If you go down the collection route, you click on that button.

This looks worse than it is, your next part is part way down “what’s the size of your item?”


Click on the box saying Small Parcel and it will go green as below

Next click on the box up to 750g or up to 1kg  and click on continue


They now want the collection address, they want it again in case it is different to the first address that you put in, as before, pop in your Post Code and select your address.

You can then check that the details are correct, if they are then click continue 

Click on the best time and day that suits you and it is best to make a note of this

If you want them to bring a label for you, click on the Yes button, complete the last two parts and click add to basket, you will not be charged it will be added to our account.

You will then get the confirmation page.

Please make sure you are there for the collection, we will be charged if you are not there and cannot offer another free return.


We mentioned the email that you will be sent, here is a copy, you can see that there is a pdf of the label and the QR code and the QR code in the message.

This is the bottom part of the email.

We hope that this has been helpful, but if you are still stuck do let us know on 0151 647 6268

Take care for now.

Paul and Ang