Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Primo Sacchi?

It is just Ang and I here, we started selling only on Amazon in 2012 but always wanted our own site where we would not be restricted by the many Amazon rules. See our full story here.

Can I trust You?

Not one that we have been asked, but will have gone through a lot of peoples minds, it does ours when we are on the net. In short yes, we know that we rely on our customers to exist, we shop a lot online and know how scary it can be and all the stress and frustrations that can be involved. We want everyone to feel relaxed and look forward to getting their orders. We have made ourselves as visable as possible online, returns are super easy with a link on this site to create your own pre-paid returns label with Royal Mail that is fully tracked for your peace of mind, there will not be any "sorry, we did not receive it back" as we have experienced in the past. We have been on PayPal for the last 11 years, people trust PayPal so it was an obvious choice, the same goes for Trust Pilot who we use for reviews, people trust that they are not fake reviews as we do when we are shopping. Some of the following questions will hopefully help add to this question. 

For more feedbacks see our Amazon feedback here.

Why Should I Come Direct to You?

Of course, we welcome customers whatever platform they have chosen. However, with this site we have total control and do not have to meet the rules of Amazon, eBay etc some of which are quite customer unfriendly.

More importantly to a lot of people, we can offer cheaper prices here, we do not have the fees that the platforms charge, so we can do some discounts on some products which will be shown in the Sale section along with some bags that are very slight seconds at a lower than normal price.

We can do exchanges here, the platforms insist that we do a refund for any returns meaning you would have to re-order. A quick call or message and we can sort exchanges out and put products on reserve so that you are not disappointed.

Free returns, just as on the platforms you have access to a pre-paid returns label you do not have to contact us to ask for anything, please include the invoice and a note if you would like an exchange.

It is just Ang and I here, you will always have continuity on anything you need to sort out, there is no speaking to different people and repeating yourself all the time and getting nowhere as with big companies. You will deal with the decision makers.


Can I Make Changes to a Bag?

Unfortunately no, we have to buy a certain number of bags to get any changes made, such as different colour zips, different straps etc, so we cannot do any one of changes, sorry.

Do you Keep Me Up to Date with my Order?

Again yes, you will be emailed when you place the order and when the order is posted out to you, this will include the tracking information. We ship orders received before 4pm the same day during the week and before 11am on Saturdays, there may be the odd exception to this if we are away for the weekend. This is one of the few downsides of it being just the two of us.

What Delivery Methods do you use?

You can see the full delivery details HERE but in brief, for the UK we use Royal Mail Tracked 24 which should be delivered the following day except Sundays and Public holidays. Some remote areas will take two days, you can check your tracking for when delivery is expected.

For the USA and Australia, as standard we use DHL door to door Express Service, for Canada we use Royal Mail tracked International, they will pass over to USPS, Canada Post or Australia Post as soon as the item has cleared customs in the respective country. 

Can I Track My Delivery?

Yes, we will send the tracking number in the email confirming that your order has been sent, if you click on it you will be taken to your tracking on the providers site.

What is your returns policy?

In brief we have a 30 days from delivery return window, if there special circumstances please let us know as we will try to work with people where possible. From the 1st October we change our policy to be returned by the 15th January to allow for the Christmas period and unwanted or non fitting gifts. Again let us know if you have any special requirements. You can see full details HERE

Can I do an Exchange?

Yes,this is not a problem subject to the above timescale, please contact us if outside this.

If you do not arrange it with us first please include a note advising us that you would like an exchange and what you would like to exchange for. We would advise  you to contact us first to make sure that we have what you would like, and we can then set it aside for you. You can see how to send back goods HERE.

How Long do Refunds / Exchanges Take?

We arrange all refunds the same day that we receive the item and will advise you that we have applied for your account to be credited. 

For exchanges, if it arrives early enough in the day and we can get the new item picked and packed before 4pm it will go out the same day by Tracked 48 postage.

Do I have to Pay to Return Items?

No, for UK customers, we have pre-paid returns with Royal Mail, you can either print off a label, or download it to a smartphone or tablet and take it to a post office to print off for you. Please enclose the invoice so that we know who returned the item. For overseas customers we have a return address in their country, and if you contact us we can send you a pre-returns label to send back to this address. You can see further information HERE.

If I am Overseas and Paid for Postage, will this be Refunded if I Return my Order? 

Yes, we will refund everything you have paid as long as the return conditions are met.You can see full details by clicking HERE.

If I Receive an Item as a Gift can I exchange it Without Bothering the Person that Ordered it?

This can always be tricky for the receiver of the gift, and yes we can help.

If the price is the same we can do a straight swap, it is more we can take the difference by card payment over the phone, or we can set up a personal discount code for the value of the returned item. We can also do this is if you do not want to buy straight away, and no the discount code will not have a time limit on it, a personal bug bear of mine, vouchers, gift cards and the like that have to be used in a year. 

Please get in touch with us first so we can sort everything out with you, we do not want any confusion and the person that sent the item to be refunded and letting the cat out of the bag. You can contact us HERE.

What Guarantee Period do You Have?

We have a repair, replace or refund period of 12 months, this does not affect your statutory rights..

What do I do if the Product is Out of Stock?

We will have times when we do not have the stock that we would want, bags are hard to get from Italy at the moment so it is best to contact us, we will happily make a note of what you would like and contact you when it arrives with us. Sometimes stock will already be on its way, we can advise you of the situation. Most nightwear we can get quickly as long as Slenderella have it.

How do I Refer a Friend on your Discount Sceme?

Log in to your account on the site.

Click on the Discount Scheme button.

Click on Referral Program button, then If You Refer Someone Now Button.

Next to our website address click on the two square boxes to copy the link, then paste it in an email to the person that you want to refer.

Your friend should use this link to set up their account and when they make their first purchase you both get your points.

We have already advised the company that supplies this scheme, that this is a bit clunky and needs some streamlining.


If there is something that we have not covered here, please do let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Take care

Paul and Ang