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Leather Bag Care

Leather Bag Care

Careful attention to the storage and cleaning of your Italian leather purchase will enhance and lengthen the lifespan of your bag. We understand that you will want to keep your bag looking great, and to help with this it is important to store your leather bag in a suitable environment. This is why with each leather bag, handbag or briefcase we include a protective dust bag made from a soft unwoven fabric material. These bags allow for air to freely circulate around the stored bag so that strong odours do not remain attached and so that mold is less likely to grow. The dust bags that are provided, are soft so as not to scratch the surface of your leather bag.


The first thing to do before storing your bag is to clean and empty the bag. Be sure to extract all items that are inside the bag, especially pens, markers, make-up, food items, perfumes and other items which can potentially leak and leave a stain or odour in the bag during storage. Leather is highly absorbent and anything left inside the bag becomes a potential risk for transfer this includes not only colours but also smells. Once the bag has been thoroughly emptied it is important to dust it off and remove any exterior dirt which over time could leave an impression or mark on the leather. Take a soft cloth which is slightly damp and wipe all exposed leather parts. DO NOT use excessive water on the leather because this will leave a stain. In the case of small scuff marks, it is sometimes possible to minimise these by using a small dab of neutral coloured shoe polish. In the case of dirt from common use, a little bit of face cream (neutral, no colour, and no strong perfumes.) Dab this cream on the mark or dirt and use a dry soft cloth to buff out the mark. This will not work on ink stains.


After you have completely cleaned and emptied the bag, handbag or briefcase you will want to stuff it so that it takes its natural shape. The stuffing should be loosely rolled up and fit into the bag so that it fills in the folds. If the bag is stored in a form that is not natural then it will adopt the new form therefore, when storing your leather bags be sure to give them their proper shape.


When selecting a place to store your leather item, look for an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight and large temperature differences. You want to select an area that allows for a constant flow of clean, dry air and maintains a constant temperature. It is important that the bag is not stored in a place that is exposed to humidity since leather will commonly absorb excess humidity and endanger the bag to potential mold.


Depending on the type of leather, such as patent leathers and leathers with a shiny finish, if exposed to rain or excessive water they should be dried off immediately and left in an area with air circulation so that they dry out thoroughly. Excessive water can leave a mark, It is not possible to remove this mark,- however if dried out immediately you may be able to limit the damage.


We hope that this helps.