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Before setting up Primo Sacchi we both have a history in industries where customer care is of the utmost importance, I (Paul) spent 20 years in financial services where competition is high and client care is vital. As a result of the financial crash of 2008 and wanting a change in direction a stroke of luck meant that I then spent the next 4 years training to be an electrician. This was not the most obvious choice as I was the world’s worst at DIY of any kind, as all our friends and family will confirm. But it was just what I needed at the time and has proven to be very useful in the years since moving on.

Ang has a history working for BMW and in the property rental and sales markets in London, so again, knowing how to look after people is an essential skill, and one that she has in spades. We met whilst I was still in finance and she was working in property sales, this was as a result of both of the companies we were working for starting referral relationship, our relationship blossomed unlike the relationship between the respective companies.

As a result of a set of an undiagnosed medical condition, we set up Primo Sacchi in March 2012 using the spare bedroom and loft of our somewhat small house in Essex. We were lucky as Ang's ex-brother-in-law had a company retailing online and helped us set up selling on the Amazon UK platform.

The Italian bags were chosen on the back of Ang's many twice yearly visits with friends to Florence and meeting with a company at a trade show.

Over the following years we did try adding other lines in clothing, nightwear and even some home wear, but the only one that we stayed with and the company that we felt happy working with was the nightwear offered by Slenderella, a family company based in Derbyshire who share a lot of the values that we hold dear. 

In 2014 needing more space, and not being able to afford any premises in the south, we moved up to the Wirral, not as left field as it seems, this where Ang is from and her family still live. As a major plus we are now living 5 minutes from the coast, something I have always wanted, but never thought possible.

As it currently stands, the bags that we have come from various factories in Florence, and due to our size the volumes they require to be purchased, we have to take them as they are without any input. We have however found one factory that will work with us at lower levels, and we hope very soon to have more input and fully branded products. This was held up by COVID, and the UK leaving the EU has added further issues and costs.

If you have any feedback on the site and features, we welcome all feedback, we may not be able to implement it straight away, but we will keep everything for future developments. There are things that we would like to do now, but cost means that it is not as yet possible. 

We shop a lot online ourselves and know only too well how it can be a worry, will I get my goods, is it a fake site, what happens if there is a problem. We like most want an easy life, we want to buy goods, have them delivered in a timely manner and if there are any issues, have them sorted out quickly and be kept informed. We have always tried to offer what we want as a customer and look at things with our consumer hat on.

Of course, it it very easy to say this, the proof as they say is in the pudding, we have many years of history selling on Amazon UK (since 2012), and varying amounts of years on other Amazon platforms around the world, if you would like to see what people have been saying about us, the link below will take you to our feedback page Trustpilot, we chose them as it is secure and they are well trusted around the world.

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We are very grateful to all our customers who have taken the time to leave feedback and have been so kind with their words. We will continue to work hard, to be worthy of their business and choosing to spend their hard-earned money with us. We will continue to keep all our customers informed of what is going on with their orders, delivered to them as efficiently as possible, make returns as easy as possible along with sorting any issues or concerns, as soon as is humanly possible, along the way. 

We are easily contactable and happy to chat through any questions, advice, problems or returns.

Some ladies like to chat through colour tones and sizes with Ang, and she is more than happy to do this over the phone or via messages, colours, sizes and weights of things are the hardest things with online shopping and we can help with this. 

If you have any queries, or there is something in our store that you like, but would like a different colour or size, please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you. You can contact us HERE.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope that we can be of service to you and you family now, and for years to come.

All the best and take care.

Paul & Ang